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What To Expect During You Stay?

If you and your doctor have already decided that you can benefit from inpatient or transitional rehabilitation at Arbor Post Acute, here’s what you can expect:

Being in a rehabilitation unit is very different from being a patient in other hospital units. In addition to doctors and nurses, you’ll have a dedicated team of skilled clinicians, also known as your treatment team. This team will work with you and your family to develop goals, customize a treatment program for you and assess your readiness to move to the next step in the rehabilitation process.

Our core focus of inpatient and transitional rehab is to help you regain your independence and to prepare for going home. Every day, your team will work with you to help you understand your diagnosis and find solutions so that you can manage your health care when you return home.

Your family members and friends also are an important part of your rehabilitation and are encouraged to visit you at almost any time. Typical visiting hours are between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm. Please ask facility staff for additional details regarding visiting hours or space reservations in our conference room, dining rooms and other facility spaces. They can observe and participate in therapy and learn how to assist you after discharge

The goal of inpatient and transitional rehabilitation is to help you become as independent as possible so that you can return home. Your team will work with you and your family to determine what goals must be accomplished for you to return home safely.
Together, we’ll make arrangements that will allow you to continue your rehabilitation:
- At Home
- In an outpatient facility
- In another setting that's right for you

Your days in rehab are spent out of bed, outside your room, and involved in therapy and other activities for much of the day. The times below may vary, but here’s how you’ll spend a typical day in rehab:
Breakfast: Your days will usually start around 7 a.m. Our goal is for you to be up, washed, dressed, and have already eaten breakfast before therapy starts. Breakfast can be served in either your room or the dining room.
Visit from a Doctor: A doctor will be available to you on a weekly or as-needed basis. Therapy- dates and times may vary depending on patient preference and progress.
Lunch and Dinner: Served in the dining room, in our Assisted Dining, or can be given at the resident’s request in his/her room. Residents requiring assistance are welcome to dine in the dining room or in the comfort of their own room.
Attire: Throughout your stay, you will be wearing your own clothes. We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes while you work with therapy.


A Caregiver Role

At Arbor Post Acute, we understand that taking care of an aging loved one is draining, both physically and emotionally. It can be lonely, overwhelming and frustrating, and it often seems thankless. Despite all of this, family caregivers persevere and wake up every day to face new challenges. Why? Because they care. Care giving is the ultimate act of love. It is a selfless, generous thing to do, and one that many people wouldn’t think about taking on. Our staff will help guide you to be the best caregiver you possibly can for your loved one.

So, give yourself some credit. Realize how important your role as a caregiver is. In times of grief and frustration, it is difficult to imagine how in the world caregiving can be considered a positive experience. However, if you delve a little deeper, you will find the silver linings of your clouds.
One of the biggest fears that people have about illness is going through these events alone. Because of you, your loved one will never have to face that. Whether they are of sound mind or struggling with the effects of dementia, they will understand on some level that you are with them when they need you most. Your time, effort and attention provide comfort and have a profoundly beneficial impact on your loved one. This is a priceless gift.


About Your Nutrition

The importance of your nutrition in your recovery counts! One of the most important aspects of post-surgical recovery that is often overlooked is good nutrition. At Arbor Post Acute, we provide a Clinical Dietitian who works with you, your family and medical professionals to create individualized meal plans that assure you are receiving the healthy foods your body needs. An effective nutrition program after your surgery is a vital ingredient for strengthening your body and your immune system to assure the most timely and successful recovery possible. Nutrition is an important part of healing and living well. We offer a variety of therapeutic diets such as no added salt, cardiac diets, controlled carbohydrate diet, controlled sugar diets, and renal diets. We can fortify to add calories, alter textures for those that have trouble swallowing, and we have diets to help with weight control or loss. We have a qualified dietitian that meets with each resident to establish needs, preferences and the appropriate diet. Our diets contain all nutrients needed for wound care and optimal healing.

At Arbor Post Acute, we are very proud of our dining experience. Delicious, nourishing and appealing meals are served either in a resident’s room or in several dining rooms designed to accommodate residents with individual needs during their stay. Because we know that enjoying delicious food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, our dedicated Dietitian meets individually with each resident to customize a nutritional plan, focusing on personal tastes and medical needs.


What To Expect During admission?

At Arbor Post Acute, making sure incoming patients understand what to expect upon admission is very important to us. Typically, the reality of short-term rehab is much more attractive than the picture painted by nursing home labels of times past.

An admissions team member will review several items with you, including phone service (cellphones allowed, land lines available), laundry service (we can clean your clothes if you label them with your first and last names), insurance coverage explanation, items to bring, etc. Several copies of documents may be requested as well: Power of Attorney, photo ID, Living Will, insurance and prescription cards and long-term care policy if applicable.

The medical transportation, which is arranged by a social worker at the hospital, brings you to the facility, where you are greeted by staff and taken to your room. A nursing assessment will be completed, and you may be evaluated by the therapist as well (depending upon the time of your admission). At this point the nurse has reviewed the physician orders and clarified any questions. You will also complete a food preference sheet and be oriented to your surroundings.

Our social services coordinator, along with you and your family, develop an individualized care plan. It’s important to keep in mind this plan is based on your assessment from the nurse and physical therapist, not necessarily the hospital. Based on your progress/development, you may or may not be in therapy as long as originally anticipated. The more input you provide at your care planning meeting, the better your experience and outcome will be. Discharge planning begins at the time of admission.


Things To Bring

A Packing Checklist for Inpatient Rehabilitation During your stay at Arbor Post Acute, you will get up and get dressed for therapy every day. To be prepared, you will need an assortment of comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, as well as other personal items. Be sure to review this checklist to ensure that you have all the necessary items for your stay. Please also note that your family will be responsible for your personal laundry if you elect to forgo the laundry services at our facility.

• Soft-soled or athletic shoes with nonskid soles
• Several sets of comfortable athletic clothing, including:
- T-shirts
- Sweatpants or stretch pants
- Shorts, if you have had leg surgery
- Typical clothing that you would wear at home, such as shirts with buttons, so you can practice getting dressed
- Underwear
- Socks
- Pajamas, a robe, and slippers with tread or traction

• Hairbrush or comb
• Shampoo and other hair care products
• Makeup
• Denture adhesive and cleaner, if applicable
• We provide personal hygiene products

Note: Many units have items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste available for your use.

• Dentures, hearing aids, and/or glasses
• Splints, braces, or orthodontics, and customized equipment —such as a wheelchair —that you are using at home
• Any assistive devices you own, such as a cane or walker
• Any prescription plan identification cards
• A living will or advance directives, if applicable

Note: We can provide you with these resources if needed.

• Activities for your “off time” such as books, magazines, cards, etc
• A small amount of cash (we recommend checking no more than $20 into the office)
• The phone numbers of relatives and friends, including the numbers for your emergency contacts
• A small pad of paper and a pen

• Perfumes, colognes, or scented lotions, due to allergies of other patients and staff
• Valuables
• Large amounts of cash
• Medications


Short-Term and Post-Hospital Rehabilitation

Arbor Post Acute partners with Rehab Care therapists to address every aspect of your rehabilitation. From walking strong to speaking clearly, our teams can help you rebuild your strength, your skills, and your confidence.

Arbor Post Acute partners with Rehab Care therapists to address every aspect of your rehabilitation. From walking strong to speaking clearly, our teams can help you rebuild your strength, your skills, and your confidence.

Following a joint replacement, the Arbor Post Acute Skilled Nursing team will develop a plan to begin restoring your range of motion and mobility. Our goal is to improve your confidence and reduce and manage your pain so that you can successfully return to your daily life.

Patients who have experienced a cardiac event require a delicate balance of medication, diet, and lifestyle adjustments. The Arbor Post Acute Skilled Nursing care team can help you manage your condition and its side effects while working with you to begin restoring your heart to healthy functioning.

Arbor Post Acute focuses on regaining and refining skills, movement coordination, and speech lost due to a stroke. We can help you relearn how to perform daily tasks, compensate for permanent losses incurred from brain injury, and regain your confidence.

We understand that pain can delay and interrupt the progress of rehabilitation. We strive to make our patients as comfortable as possible, through medication and other pain management techniques. We help patients participate in and benefit from therapy. We also provide our patients with educational information and resources you will need to successfully manage temporary, long-term, or chronic pain once they return home.


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